We can assist you with a wide variety of wire rope for various applications. Our high quality wire ropes are sourced from Europe, Korea, Taiwan, India and UAE.
All our ropes conform to the relevant International and Local norms and are supplied with Mill Test Certificates.
If you are looking for something in particular, please get in touch we will be happy to help. We do however stock a wide variety of constructions of wire rope and can also cut and taper bespoke lengths to suit your needs.
In addition to the various sizes and constructions of wire rope that we have available, we also carry a range of sockets (closed/open/wedge) and the same can be fit with the rope as per requirements.


Features (ROPE)

  • Brands include Bridon, DSR, Brunton Wolf
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Tensile Grades: 1960 N/mm2,2160 N/mm2, EIPS, EEIPS
  • Manufacturing Standards: EN 12385, API 9A, ISO 10425
  • Certificates: Mill Test Certificate
  • Applications: Oil & Gas, Drilling, Marine, Engineering, Cranes & Hoists etc


Steel Wire Rope Slings. (Pictures- wire rope sling)

We can also offer a range of wire rope slings that are available to order. These are available as single leg, double leg and in three and four leg configurations.

We can also provide single laid wire rope slings and heavy lifting cable-laid slings and grommet slings.

We can also provide both proofload and breakload certificates for the material we supply.

If you would like to know more about our wire rope capabilities or to discuss your requirements, contact us today. (Inquiry form) page top when scroll down/up

Your safety and that of your staff are of paramount importance, so if you have any questions before you purchase, please get in touch. (Inquiry form)

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